Below you will find a list of alerts that you may receive, as well as instructions for what to do if and when you receive them. 

They have been separated by hardware.

Not sure if you're set up to receive your alerts?  Email us at with the subject line "Alerts" with your contact information to get set up.

Business Central Alerts:

  • The watchdog signal was not received within the configured interval:

This alert can be a bit tricky.  Specifically what it means is that the heartbeat interval setup with your POS provider is not functioning.  These alerts received outside of business hours can be ignored, however if received during business hours, or if received at the same time every day.  This is likely indicative of an issue and requires troubleshooting.  

  • One or more of your PSTN phone lines may not be working:

This alert is pretty straight forward, one, or more phone lines are being detected as without voltage.  Should a visual inspection find no issues (as in the lines are all plugged in) additional troubleshooting may be required.

  • A Business Central backup has failed:

This alert can be a bit tricky, the system automatically performs a backup weekly, but should it lose it's connection to our server during the process, it will generate a failed backup alert.  Should you receive two in a row, please notify support.

  • Business Central has detected an issue:

This somewhat ominous sounding alert is typically some internal system process becoming locked up, or it has detected some file corruption.  Please notify support who will reboot the hardware overnight to resolve these.  They will be very rare.

  • Customer Callbacks Are No Longer Working:

There is a customer callback feature with some Point of Sales vendors, should there be a configuration issue (missing clip, or unavailable phone lines) this alert will generate.  Please notify support, who will troubleshoot remotely.

  • A Business Central hard disk drive 1 is invalid:

This is a very serious alert and means a hard drive has failed.  Notify support ASAP to begin drive replacement procedures.

  • A Business Central hard disk drive 2 is invalid:

Some older model systems had a backup rotational drive, should this drive fail, please notify support ASAP to begin drive upgrade procedures (we'll have you pull the old rotational drive and install a modern SSD drive).  

  • Business Central cannot reach the Internet:

This alert of course can't be sent while the system is offline, but should it's connection be having issues, it will send these alerts once back online.

  • Business Central system update ready to be activated:

Update alerts can be safely ignored at this time.  Support will be notified by our software development team as new updates become available and will automatically apply them at the store overnight on a scheduled roll-out pattern.

  • All PSTN Lines Busy:

This means all your PSTN lines are in use.  Consider adding more lines, or reduce the use of hold to keep lines open more often.

  • An issue with the Business Central email service has been detected:

This somewhat ominous sounding alert is typically an internal email process becoming locked up.  Please notify support who will reboot the hardware overnight to resolve these.  They will be very rare.

Cradlepoint Alerts:

  • NCM Alert: Modem WAN Connected:

This means the Cradlepoint has failed over to LTE wireless backup. The store can also tell if they're on LTE, by looking for the modem indicator light on the Cradlepoint (see below).  Should this light be on (Green), that means you're using LTE data. Please see below for troubleshooting steps as outlined for data cap threshold alerts, to prevent unnecessary data consumption.  Fail over is triggered should any of the following be true:

a) Link is lost, this will occur if the WAN cable is unplugged, or the connected modem on site is powered off.

b) The ICMP heartbeat (set at 30 second intervals) fails three consecutive attempts to reach the internet.  

  • NCM Alert: Ethernet WAN Connected:

This means it has gone back to the primary wired internet connection. The store can also tell if they're on the wired connection, when the internet is working, and the Modem indicator is no longer green. 

  • NCM Alert: NCM Connection State:

Sent when the Cradlepoint has gone offline or back online, which occurs not only for power outages but will happen during equipment reboots, software updates and management portal maintenance.

What to pay attention for here, is that you get an online notice after your offline notice. If no online notice arrives in approximately 5-10 minutes, ensure the device is powered on, then call NuSutus support at 1-855-211-1301 opt.2. to begin troubleshooting.

  • NCM Alert: Data Cap Threshold:

Data Cap Threshold alerts are issued as the Cradlepoint consumes wireless data. These thresholds are set at 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 %. of your selected data plan.  These need close attention as once you surpass 100% you can incur data overage charges, which can quickly add up.

When you receive a data cap threshold please contact your store and perform the following:

Please ensure there is a network cable going from the WAN port of the Cradlepoint to the LAN of your internet provider's modem on site, and that all devices are powered on.

Should this already be the case, please try the following:

1. Reboot your provider's internet modem and wait 5 minutes.

2. Call 1-855-211-1301 opt.2 for support, and one of our technical support agents will be able to tell you if you're back to using your wired connection.

3. NuSutus agent will work with you to get you back on your wired connection.

4. Further troubleshooting with your service provider may be necessary.