From time to time we will receive tickets requesting call recordings. These calls will not be found in AWS because these interactions are done between a customer and the store. In order to find those calls, you will need to search for the call in Fleet Manager.

1. To begin, you will need to set the properties to follow:

Since these calls are being found via Fleet Manager, you will only be able to update the properties as seen above if you select Business First for the product.

2. Once you are in Fleet Manager, enter the store number and then select the store.

3. Once you click on the store, you then click on Call History & Recordings. Something to note on this page, to the left hand side, it will also inform you which fleet the store belongs to. This can be helpful if you are having a hard time finding that information through Store Provisioning Tool.

4. You must then refine your search with the dates and the phone number that the customer is asking for.

5. Once you find the calls, go ahead and download them so that you can attach it to your response within the ticket. 

6. Once the call has been recorded, you are then good to go and attach it for your customer. However! Sometimes, you will not be able to download the call because you will get "ERROR 500." This can happen when there was an error during the recording of the call. Perhaps the store was experiencing some phone or internet issues which did not allow the recording to be successful.

When this happens, please leave a note IN the ticket, and inform the TS team of the error code. Once that note is included, send it over to the TS team. Assign the ticket to the TS team and message them in the Ping Technical Issues channel so that someone can take a look at it. At times, TS will send the recordings to the customer themselves and they will resolve the tickets, however, other times they will attach it in a note within the ticket and you will need to download the recordings and attach them to your response. 

7. If you are the one replying to the customer, please remember to NOT include a summary or suggested course of action on those phone calls. These calls are between the store and the customers, they do not have to do with PING. Our feedback is not needed on these calls. Your response should be along the following lines:

"Hi _________,

I appreciate your patience.

I was able to locate the call(s) you requested for store #xxxx and customer phone # xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please see below for the attached recordings."

8. Once you have completed the ticket, please change the status to" RESOLVED"

9. The resolution should be the following: