When we receive an email requesting to remove someone from having access to PING dashboard, usually by the general manager or franchisee owner, it looks something like this: 

There are a few things that we need to validate when we receive this request. We will need to check with the following department and ensure they disable all accounts and remove the individual from the mailing list..

- Finance 

- Sales

- Marketing 

Please bear in mind that it is crucial to do things properly when it comes to removing access for people as if it is not done properly, it can cause major security breaches.

Once we have confirmation that the above-mentioned departments have done their part, we can proceed and check with Technical support to ensure they can do their part. 

After receiving the green light from them, we can go ahead and check Ping Agent Onboarding and Ping Agent User to ensure the user has been effectively removed. 

Below is an example of what an interaction between the different departments may look like. 

Once this has been confirmed, we can advise the original person and notify them that the user has been removed.