Tickets that are for TECHNICAL SUPPORT

The following tickets are easy to recognize and you can automatically assign them to the TS team.

  • Quality Assurance
    • Sometimes we get requests which will ask us to provide quality assurance tests on some stores, this is for TS
  • Reporting
    • Sometimes we get requests to provide certain reporting to our customers, this is for TS
  • Call recordings from Fleet Manager that produce error code 500
    • This usually has to do with stores that are using BC (Canadian stores) - numbers starting with "1"
  • Voicemails that are labelled "4000"
    • TS team will be the ones to handle these types of voicemails, as per their request. DO NOT change any information for these tickets, they will be the ones to update the tickets. The Customer Support (CS) team only handles voicemails labelled "6000" instead.

  • Changing phone promos, phone scripts

  • Internet service being changed, cancelled, updated
  • IP address issues/switches 
  • Century Link
  • GENERALLY, installations is for TS
    • this typically happens for BC (Canadian) franchisees
  • Anything with customers needing field assistance 
  • Watchdog


Tickets that are for SERVICES DEPLOYMENT

The following tickets are easy to recognize and you can automatically assign them to the SD team. The SD team is responsible for providing services for franchisees for their stores.

  • Windstream
    • This is a phone provider 
  • Total Choice
    • This a service provider for phone lines for the stores
  • Crosswinds

  • VOIP
    • Stands for: voice-over IP
    • It uses internet phones instead of landlines (like 3CX)

  • Sometimes the requests are not really clear however, the customer is stating something along these lines: 
    • Needing help to identify what stores are using our services 

  • Questions/Issues with Porting

  • Activations

  • Any billing issues/questions
  • GENERALLY, set up is for SD