1. Log into Store Provisioning: https://store-provisioning.domcc.arria.com/stores



        2. Change Store Number to Fleet

 Graphical user interface, application

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        3. Enter fleet name dpwesternpizza, then click search. (ensure that fleet name is in lowercase)

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  1. Copy any DID from a store that is not permanently closed.

Graphical user interface, application

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        4. Log into Amazon Connect and select Contact Search.

Graphical user interface, application

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        5. Set time range from the last Monday to Sunday, Set the system phone number, and set the interaction duration to 120-360 seconds.

Graphical user interface, application

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        6. Find calls where the following occurred;

  1. An order was placed.
  2. The customer appeared to appreciate the call.
  3. The agent spoke well.
  4. The agent followed all basic processes leading to a good call.
  5. Not a lot of dead air.
  6. Ensure that the agent asks the customer what kind of crust they would like (unless the customer mentions it first)
  7. It is okay if the customer is rude/not enthusiastic, as long as the agent is polite and patient


        8. Convert the call to MP3 using Audacity.

Graphical user interface, application, Word

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        9. Create a folder in the following URL using the following format without brackets: WE(MMDDYYYY):

                                                "WE" stands for "work ending"

                                                the date for the name of the folder also needs to be Sunday's date


        10. Right-click the folder, select "get link", and change access at the bottom to "anyone with this link can view."


        11. Copy 5 calls in MP3 format to the newly created folder.

        12. Once 5 calls have been copied to that folder, copy the url and add it after the "Link:" line in the attached email template, and update the subject line to yesterday’s (Sunday) date.


        13. Send the email to the following people with subect and body as follows:

To: AS_NSTS_DL_ommid.ferdows@socaldominos.com; tjones@socaldominos.com; mparra@socaldominos.com

CC: Dan Lafferty <dan.lafferty@nusutus.com>; Alaric Nel <alaric.nel@nusutus.com>; Bee Majumder <bee.majumder@nusutus.com>; Jason Haslam <jason.haslam@nusutus.com> 

Subject: Calls For Review - Week Ending MM/DD/YYYY


Hello all,


Please click the link below to access last week’s calls for review.