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From time to time, we may get a PING dashboard password reset request sent to us from either Sales or directly from a user. To do a password reset, we will need to instruct the user to do a password reset. If that did not work for them, then we need to engage the dashboard support team.


Existing account

Confirm Account Exists

Look up the customer's name/email address using the Ping Agent Dashboard Users sheet HERE. If the user already exists, follow the next steps.

If the user does NOT exist, proceed to New Account.

How to instruct the customer to do a password reset themselves

There is a canned response that can be used to help the customer do a password reset themselves. Select canned responses, then find Customer Support: Reports: Reset Password For Existing Account.

No Password Reset Email: Engage Dashboard Support

If the above did not work for the customer, where they are not receiving the password reset email, please engage Pradeep from dashboard support. 





Hello Pradeep,

Can you please provide a temporary password for the following user, that is currently not getting our password reset emails?

FleetFirst NameLast NameEmail Address

New Account

Double-check is the fleet is available on QuickSight's dashboard

If the fleet is available, FORWARD and email to Marcus and cc Alaric and the sales representative that emailed us, the following information:

FleetFirst Name Last NameEmailReasonComments# Existing Users

Do not forget to update the information on the Excel Sheet. This will help keep track of all the requests in order to allow us to follow up on these accounts until the matter is resolved.





Hi Marcus,

Can you please add the following user to Dpteser dashboard? There are currently no users associated with that dashboard. 

First Name Last NameEmailReasonComments# Existing Users
PhilMcManusPhil.Mcmanus@hotmail.comnew dashboard requestno dashboard for dpteser

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.