Our phone system sends voicemail to FreshDesk which turns into a ticket. Unfortunately there is not much information on the ticket so if you are reviewing a "voicemail" ticket, ensure you update the subject line and add some notes to the discerption after listening to the VM. The details should be short, but informative.


Example Email Address:

Voicemail <voicemail@junctionnetworks.com>

Should be changed to:


Example Email Address:

Should be store/GM email address


Example Subject:

[VM]: New message in mailbox 4000 from "SAN ANTONIO TX" <12105901437>

Should be changed to

Example Subject:

Complaint - Store 0000 - Missing Toppings


Example Description:

Dear Ping Agent Voicemail,

You were left a 0:35 long message in mailbox 6000 from "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME" <12345678901> on Monday, May 16th 2022, 5:34:31 pm.

To listen to this message, you can download the attached file. (Attached file says complaint about an order where agent forgot to add olives)

Should be changed to:

whatever the voicemail is indicating 

Call from store 0000 to report an issue with a customer's order: Agent forgot to add olives.

Store Contact:

Customer PH:


Update Ticket with the following:

Product: Ping Agent

Type: Complaint

Group: Customer Support

etc etc...