The purpose of this document is to formalize and publicize the expectations around the handling of a 911 incident.  This include defining the defining a 911 incident, escalation process, communication process, and core responsibilities throughout the process. 

Definition of a 911: 

*Examples are provided only as a reference, and do not cover all possible scenarios. 

**Business Hour is defined as an hour of time within the time of the NuSutus Support team’s hours of operation. 




Response SLA 



Business Critical Impact 

  • Critical financial impact 

  • Critical Operational impact 

  • Critical Client impact 

  • Critical Security impact 

  • Prevention of >10% of revenue generation 

  • Customers are unable to reach PING Live Agents 

  • Customers are unable to reach NuSutus Business First Support 

  • PING Live Agents are unable to process orders 

Within 15 Minutes 

  • Immediate MS Team’s bridge, with all hands-on deck 

  • Issue resolution takes priority over all other operations/function 

  • Internal and External communication chains opened 

  • Resolution within 4 hours 


Major business Impact 

  • Major financial impact 

  • Major Operational impact 

  • Major Client impact 

  • Prevention of >5% of revenue generation 

  • Significant number of agents unable to assist customers in placing orders which is impacting service levels 

  • Agent Desktop is experiencing significant performance issues, resulting is spike in AHT 

Within 15 Minutes 

  • Immediate MS Team’s bridge, with all hands-on deck 

  • Issue resolution takes priority over all other operations/function 

  • Internal and External communication chains opened 

  • Resolution within 24 hours 


Limited Business impact 

  • Greater than x store locations impacted 

  • Singular fleet impacted 

  • Small subset of agents impacted. (<5%) 

Within 1 Business Hour** 

  • Resolution within 48 hours 


Single Issue 

  • Single Agent is unable to assist customers in placing orders 

  • Single store impacted 

Within 24 Hours 

  • Resolution within 72 hours 


Reporting an Emergency Incident: 

It is critical that anyone who believes they have identified a priority incident needs to report it as quickly as possible. 

By Phone (24/7 Emergency Phone): Please call the phone numbers below, in order listed.  This is the best method for reporting an urgent issue. 



Phone Number 



NuSutus Support 


7am – 11pm PST, 

7 days a week 


Jean Claude Bourbonnais 




Alaric Nel 




Andre Blanchard 




By Email (7am to 11pm PST:  If it is not possible to contact by phone, please report the issue as specified below: 

Email TO: 

Subject Line:  **EMERGENCY ISSUE** (Short Description of the issue) 

Email Body: 


I believe that I have discovered a critical issue that needs your attention! 

(Insert a short description of the issue here.) 

Steps to reproduce: 

1: (Please provide detailed steps to reproduce.) 




Response to an Emergency Incident Report: 

The support team will respond to an emergency incident report with the following steps. 

1: Triage the reported incident to validate the issue 

2: Reach out to operational teams to begin troubleshooting.  (If the issue is identified as a security related issue, the security team will be engaged, and the security incident process will be followed.) 

3: Open an emergency bridge with operational teams 

4: Incident Owner will update the NuSutus Status page 

5: Send out internal email notification mail 

6: Continue hourly internal email updates 

7: Incident Owner will update the NuSutus Status page hourly 

8: Close internal email once issue is resolved 


Communication Template: 

The support teams will use the following templates when creating and updating emergency incident emails. 

Creation Email: 


SUBJECT: ***91(1/2) Notification: [Insert short description of the issue] 


This email is to notify you of a Priority (1/2) incident currently in progress.  This issue has a critical impact to the business, and this email is intended as a notification email only regarding the incident.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Incident Owner directly. 

Reported Time:  mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM am/pm [Time Zone] 

Reported By: [Who reported the issue.] 

Incident owner: [Your name] 

Issue Summary: [Detailed description of the issue.] 

Steps to Reproduce: [OPTIONAL: Include this is if there is valid steps to reproduce the issue. If there is no reasonable steps to reproduce, delete this line/paragraph completely.] 

Next Steps: [What actions are being taken right now?] 

Next Update: Within 1 hour 

[Insert your signature here] 


Update Email: 


Teams Currently Involved: [Name the teams working on the issue, including your own team.] 

Next Steps: 

  • What is currently being worked on by the teams involved.  Current issues faced and current steps being taken to investigate, troubleshoot or resolve the issue. 

Completed Actions: 

  • [Time]: [Action performed] 

  • [Time]: [Action performed] 

  • Etc. (Newest action first.) 

Incident owner: [Your name] 

Next update: [Time of the next update, with am/pm and time zone.] 

Process Flow Overview: 

The flow of the process is important to understand and follow.  NuSutus Support as well as the operational support teams who each support aspects of the technological pieces of the PING offering will work together, and in tandem to ensure the quickest resolution is found and implemented. 

Description automatically generated 

Priority Issue Tracker:

To access/review priority issues, or to add a new or current issue, please visit the Issue Tracker.