Changes made in this tool are permanent and cannot be undone so be very vigilant with the details you are editing.

SCREENSHOTS of operations, delete and edit functions

 To locate specific details for a store, you will need to use 1 of 2 pages. Ping for settings related to our system, and Store Profile page to see the JSON of the store settings, set up by the store's OSIM.


To view PING settings for the store, log into the Store Provisioning Tool

  • Once logged in, enter the store number in the search field as seen below.

  • From there, the specific store will show up and you can view all the details by clicking on the green 'EYE' icon to the right. 

Store Profile

To view the store profile, click HERE. This will provide you with all the settings that were set up by the store such as:

  • Delivery estimate times
  • Carry-out estimate times
  • Open times
  • Holiday times
  • Cash threshold
  • Proper address (if different from PING)

Once the page loads, update the URL to show the store profile you want to see. To do this, find the 7716 in the URL and replace it with the store number you want to review, then press enter.