From an investigation perspective, it is best to assume the agent is guilty until proven innocent. Your goal should be to provide the client with accurate and unbiased details of the call. These are the steps to follow at the start of the review.

  • Add a note and record all your research details there. This is internal and will not be shared with the client. Ensure you add all reviewed details, including screenshots and recordings if needed to back up your statement.
  • Send out an escalation email if needed.
  • Reply to the client with a recap of your findings. Details such as agent name and such is to remain internal, but screenshots and call recordings can be provided.

Complaints needing video review/screenshots

Wrong address enteredThe video should be reviewed to determine if the agent took down the correct address information and cross referenced it with Google.
Agent selected wrong toppings/crust/chicken etc...There have been instances where the agents selected the incorrect topping for a pizza such as green peppers (bell peppers) and green chili (peppers). Video will confirm if this was an agent error, or them following customer's request.