Below, you will find how-tos for setting up applications specific to the Customer Support role. Each walkthrough assumes you have already received the application credentials.



AWS Connect

AWS Connect is a tool that is used to record calls between customers and agents. This is handy where there is a customer or store complaint that something in the order process was not achieved and has been escalated for review. Any store or Franchisee complaint should be recorded as a ticket in Freshdesk.

Signing In

To sign into AWS Connect for call recordings, you need to have access to AWS. This access would contain your username (first name.last initial) and password supplied to you by Internal Support.

Setting Time Zone

It is best to set your search time zone to PST, to match a video to a call as videos are saved in PST. This is explained further in This How-to.

AWS Appstream (Desktop Recording)

Signing In


This is the ticketing tool used between multiple departments within Arria SuSutus, from Sales to us at Customer Support. Our support system is currently evolving and as such, calling out specifics outside of customer support processes is difficult at this time, so we will only go over what is needed from the CS Team.

Store Provisioning Tool

This tool is used to verify and manage information regarding specific fleets and stores. Here, we can also find the store DID number to be able to look up calls when the customer's phone number is not available. Here is also where we will find the store's phone number customer's use to reach PING agents and the Domino's store. 

Editing/viewing the Store Address

Click on the little "eye" icon on the right hand side to edit information and click on "edit" to save the information. 

Fleet Manager


This is the tool used to make external calls to speak with store owners, check for bugs in the IVR system and to reach PING agents if needed.