To find a video regarding a call, you will need access to AWS Appstream recordings, using the Cloudberry application. It is good to note that the recordings are in PST, and you should be searching AWS Connect in the same time zone. 

The videos record the agent's desktop in 10 minute intervals so in order to find a call that matches the recording, you should be looking for the call's end time that lands within a specific interval (identified by the 'Date Modified' field inside the date folder.

  1. When reviewing a call in AWS connect, take note of the agent's user name and date/time of the call (when a more in-depth review is needed). This will be used to locate the matching desktop recording. You can view this information in the space just after the call's transcript.
  2. Log into Cloudberry
  3. After logging into Cloudberry, it will generally start where you left off last. Before you start looking for a video, you should reset the location by clicking the >Root>appstream-cc-recording-prod link as seen in this screenshot.
  4. Click on the initial folder, and start typing the user name you are looking for (usually the first 3 or 4 characters will work)

  5. Select the date of the call you want to review (Please note: The dates could be advanced to the following day so do not be alarmed if you cannot find the video that matches the timeframe you need).
  6. Find the recording that has the call's end time within it's interval.