Most RPM orders will be submitted through their web portal Corrigo. Some do get sent directly to us from Charlie Hart. All other orders are called in or emailed to support or the order desk.

For Corrigo orders  instructions are in this article: 

For non Corrigo orders you need to confirm several things before processing the order, via email or a call to the requester.

- if it is an order for new phones, confirm if they want wall mounts, and if so do they also want short handset cords

- if it is for replacement handsets, you need to log into the systems's UI and check what model(s) of phones they have. If they have snom or IP335 phones, we can't get replacement handsets, they'll need to order new phones. If they have a mix, confirm which phones they are for.

- if it is for caller ID equipment, confirm if they need both the blue and yellow adapters as well as the USB cable. The support agent should have this info if it isn't in the ticket. There is a separate item group code for the three pieces of the complete CID kit. Item codes are listed below. Caller ID parts are provided at no charge as part of the Business First plan. Note BF no charge in the Memo field of the sales order.

- if it is for a headset, there's a code for the kit for the complete headset. There is also a code for a replacement headset without a base.

- support agent should have included ship to address and receiver to whom the package should be attention of, if not confirm it with them

Log into Netsuite in your sales agent role.

Use the search bar to look up the store's number. You may get several results, choose the customer and not a contact.

On the customer entry, click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper and choose Create New: Sales Order

A lot will auto fill. For the rest:

Under Primary Information add the store number to the Memo field ie: NST #116936 Store 6873. If it is a BF no charge order for caller ID parts add BF no charge in the Memo field as well.

    b. Leave the SO as pending approval. Gary will approve so we have a second set of eyes on the order and he may send some items from his location rather than drop ship them. 

    c. Some companies may use a purchase order such as RPM, if so add that to the PO # field.

Drop down the the Items tab and search for the item. You can use the codes below or the first three letters of the description to bring up an item. You can also hit the double down arrowhead symbol in the item field to bring up a list or search option. You can view the full list, what drop ships and what has 5 packs in the inventory master list.

    b. Tab over to the Quantity and update that as applicable.

    c. Handsets and wall mounts have an option for a 5 pack, tab over to the Units field and choose 5 pack if applicable

    d. Tab over to the Create PO field and if it is less than a five pack for handsets or wall mounts, unchoose Drop Shipment by choosing the blank field at the top of the drop down

    e. Click on the Add button

    f.  If an item is fee of charge, add a discount item, see the code below, as the next item. Do this after each individual item that is no charge.

    g. If an item is a group, such as CID kit or headset, the items in the group will appear with pricing after the add button is clicked. You can discount the entire group if necessary by adding a following discount item.    

Confirm the Bill-to option on the Billing tab, and if you need to adjust do so under the Bill To Select drop down

Go to the Shipping tab,

    a. Choose the Ship-to option under Ship To Select. Confirm the shipping address. 

    b. To make changes or add the attention to person, choose Custom in the Ship to Select drop down and fill in the contact name and phone number in the pop up and save that. 

    c. Choose the shipping method. The normal shipping option is FedEx Ground® 25% Markup. If an item is shipping no charge then choose FedEx Ground® - Free of Charge.

    d. For Canadian orders choose FedEx Ground® - Canada. If it's free of charge, leave that blank for Gary to fill.

Click on the Save button. Add the sales order number to the support ticket and reassign back to the support agent.

Click again on the paper symbol at the top and choose

Create New: Email. You'll get an Email Message pop up.

    a. It will auto fill with the billing entity for the customer. This may or may not be the franchisee, it may be the accounting email also.

    b. Under Additional Recipients in the Email field, add the requester's email if that is different from the email address that auto fills.

    c. Check the CC box, then click Add

    d. Also add the orders email, you can just type order in the search field and the order desk will pop up

    e. Also check the CC box for that one, then click Add

    f.  Go to the Message tab and under the Template Category choose Sales Order Email Templates    

    g. Under Template choose Generic Sales Order

    h. Click on Merge & Send, it will send the email to the recipients and the pop up will close. If you need to overwrite something in the body of the email you can do so, such as a pick up location. Anything not in brackets in the body of the message text can be overwritten.

Note in the support ticket that an email has been sent to the requestor(s) via Netsuite.

Once you have the tracking info, add that to the ticket and if applicable send to the requestor via their email via the ticket.

Item Codes

400012 Item Group: CID Kit - includes blue and yellow adapters and USB cable - no charge, Business First

SYS2001 RJ45 to DB9 Blue Adapter - no charge, Business First

SYS2004 RJ45 to DB9 Yellow Adapter  - no charge, Business First

SYS2000 USB to Serial RS232 PL2303 StarTech cable - no charge, Business First
SYS2003 RS232 Male/Male Mini Gender Changer DB9M to DB9M - 1184

SYS2002 RS232 Serial Loopback Tester DB9F DB25F - you need both the loopback tester and gender changer

SYS2005 Opto-Isolator RS232 7 Pin CommFront - not normally provided at no charge

SYS2006 VoIP Phone Adapter 100Mb LAN - Grandstream HandyTone 801 - gateway replacement for pre-ringer

400003 Item Group: Jabra Pro 920 Wireless Headset Kit    

PHO4002 Replacement Headset Jabra Pro 920 Mono No Base

PHO1000 VVX301 Polycom Phone

PHO1001 VVX401 Polycom Phone

PHO2004 VVX301/401 Wall Mount Kit Polycom

PHO2005 VVX Handset Replacements Polycom

PHO2003 Short Curly Cord Handset RJ9 7 inches 42-44 Extended

SYS1006 Pre-ringer Clarity SR-100

200009 Generic 100% Discount