The NuSutus Lite is a version of the phone system that does not include a traditional brain unit.  It is a simple setup with 2 phones connected to a switch, that's setup behind a Cradlepoint.  A NuSutus VOIP trunk will be pre-configured in our VOIP platform, as well as on the phones, so no configuration of the phones should be required upon turn up.  NuSutus Support will configure the Cradlepoint with a static IP if necessary.

Step 1) First the installer must connect the Cradlepoint 600C in an ideal location.  This is to be performed while only power is connected, so as to not be limited by network cable length.   If you can't find a good signal where you have the power plugged in, find another outlet and repeat as needed!

**Note: The final location of the Cradlepoint is determined by best signal, not by aesthetics (though please keep it in mind that it should be out of the way). 

Not sure how to install a Cradlepoint 600C?  See help guide on Cradlepoint's site here: 

Step 2) Once an ideal location has been found mount the Cradlepoint and connect it's WAN port to the LAN of the on-site modem.  Then configure the Cradlepoint with a static IP if one is being provided.

**Note: If the store is LTE only, with an unlimited data plan, you do not need to connect an in store modem. 

Step 3) The installer must mount the Trendnet TPE-TG50G and connect it's non-POE port to the LAN port of the the Cradlepoint.  

Step 4) The installer will mount the phones in their desired locations and connect the network cables to the POE ports on the switch (note this may run through the store's internal networking infrastructure, like a shared patch panel, but should not cross connect to the LAN of any other devices on site). 

**See setup and wall mount instructions attached below:

**Note for NuSutus installations all phones will be powered by POE.

Step 5) Support or the installer may test inbound calling, by dialing the trunk as setup in our switch.  The installer must attempt an outbound call and confirm that it works.

Step 6) The installer must confirm all non-NuSutus devices are set for DHCP prior to connecting them to the Cradlepoint/Switch as needed for internet access to ensure they will work.