Hello and welcome from NuSutus!

If you're at this page, chances are you've just installed your first phone system, took over an existing store that contained a NuSutus phone system, or you may be somewhat familiar with the hardware, but new to the support portal.

In any case you've come to the right place!

Below you'll find a list of compiled frequently asked questions, and a set of links or detailed instructions for each!   Can't find what you're looking for?  Please give our support line a call at 1-855-211-1301 opt/2 or email us at support@nusutus.com

**Some links found below require you to be logged in with an authenticated email address.  In order to sign up for access, simply email us at support@nusutus.com with your name, contact information, and the subject line "Account Activation".  Our team will send you a confirmation link on, or by the following business day to get you started! 

New Users F.A.Q:

  • Who do I contact for help if I need it?

Looking for help?  Up-to-date contact information can always be found at https://www.nusutus.com/contact/

  • When is live support available, and what do I do if I need help outside of office hours?

NuSutus Support support hours are designed to be of most use for businesses in North America.  After hours support is provided via emergency call-back service 7 days a week.

Full list of hours and instructions may also be found at https://www.nusutus.com/contact/

  • How do I open a support ticket?

Support tickets may be opened currently in 3 ways, making it as easy as possible to get help when you need it.

Opt1) By Phone - Please call 1-855-211-1301 opt.2 for support and report your issue to the support agent.

Opt2) By Email - Simply email support@nusutus.com to automatically open a new ticket in our support portal.

Opt3) By Portal - https://support.nusutus.com/support/tickets/new 

**Please note you will require a validated email address in order to open tickets and navigate the support portal.

  • How is my new phone system different from my old phone system?  

The NuSutus Phone system is a VOIP PBX, this means the phones themselves connect to a central device rather than having individual phone lines for each phone in the store.  The service may still be delivered as analogue by your telecom provider, but will be converted to VOIP once it enters the phone system.  The biggest notable differences come in the phone and system features themselves.  The ability to LiveCoach calls, configure personalized messaging to promote specials, monitor store performance in real time, and forward voicemails to email, are just a few of the many features now available to you.

  • What maintenance is required?  

Under normal operating conditions, little to no physical maintenance will be required.  The only upkeep that will be required, is making sure to let us know when the store hours change (by season or for specific events or holidays), or when you'd like to adjust specials, add users, or replace any hardware that becomes damaged over time or through usage.  You should also pay attention to any alerts the system sends out, as this will be your first indication of trouble. 

  • What are the various kinds of alerts, and what should I do when receiving them?

Details about the Various alerts and instructions can be found here:


  • How do I change my messaging?

The general process for messaging requests is to contact us via email at support@nusutus.com with a description of what offers you want to play, which stores you want them to play at, and when you'd like to start playing them. We have a huge library of prerecorded messages and can generally put together most requests within a few business days. We will also always accommodate urgent and immediate requests. In the case when we don't have audio available and can't put a message together, we add it to our script and record it during the next session, which are usually once a month. In some cases we can do a rush recordings, but it depends on the availability of the voice artist. Once the clip is put together we send it off for approval -- and once approved the new message is usually implemented that same day. 

You may also record the greetings yourself should you be so inclined.  

**Logged in users only:


  • Can I tell how my store is doing at a glance?

The NuSutus reporting is the key to any "block and tackle" strategy.  This first step is to identify the targets to "block".  The easiest target is call answer times.  Getting calls picked up in 2 rings or less (12 seconds) will give your customers a feeling that they are important.  Answering these calls can be challenging, but there are many options.  Train drivers to take calls, set up rotations to pull staff off the make line when the pre-ringer fires, add dedicated CSRs to answer the phone during peak call times.  "Tackling" the problem will take time to learn the best strategy, but using the reports will help you understand the field.

Please see here for a sample of the reports:


  • What is AOT, and why is it important? 

The AOT ("Answered-On-Time') metric is exclusive to Business First subscribers. Calculated as a percentage, AOT measures your store's ability to capture a customer before they've had the chance to change their mind and hang up the phone.

AOT = % of Calls Answered in less than 2 Rings & Zero Hold Time

Since being introduced, our AOT analytics have helped Franchisees improve the customer service experience and, at the same time, motivate employees to provide better service.

Our newest model phones the Polycom VVX301 and VVX401 actually display this statistic in real time throughout the day!

  • How do I listen to call recordings?

A new call recordings portal is coming soon!  For now, please use the link below to request a call be sent to you by our support team!


  • How do I listen to my voicemail?

All Store phone systems come equipped with a built in voicemail system that includes voicemail to email forwarding. See instructions below:

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  • How do I transfer calls?

Please select the quick help guide posted for your model of phone here for instructions:


  • Do you have a website where I can learn about my hardware and it's features?

Here at NuSutus we're constantly updating and developing our line of hardware and software! Up-to-date Help guides and device manuals can all be found online to verified users.

**Logged in users only:


Still didn't find what you're looking for?  Please give our support line a call at 1-855-211-1301 opt/2 or email us at support@nusutus.com for assistance!